Joel M. Rosenberg, MD

Clinical Director, Cardiac Rehab

Dr. Rosenberg brings his four-decade, distinguished career as a cardiac surgeon and unparalleled knowledge in cardiology and cardiac surgery to one of ROMTech’s most important initiatives. As our Clinical Director of Cardiac Rehab, Dr. Rosenberg both spearheads and applies his rigorous standards of excellence to ROMTech product development. His passion and daily involvement are integral as we apply our technology and services in this field of medicine.For 35 years, Dr. Rosenberg was affiliated with the award-winning St. Joseph’s Health Hospital in Syracuse, NY, serving as a cardiac surgeon, and Intensivist for Cardiac Surgery ICU and General ICU. Dr. Rosenberg has published widely and has been a coveted research consultant and advisor to high-profile medical companies, including Medtronic. He has traveled to over 60 countries, performing cardiac surgery on 1,125 indigent patients.