Leading from the Heart.

Together, we can help thousands.

The time has come for effective, home-based, cardiac rehab.

Currently, fewer than 20% of the patients who are eligible for cardiac rehab actually complete it. The repercussions are taking an immense toll on the lives of millions of Americans. But that’s about to change.

Evidence suggests ROMTech home-based cardiac rehabilitation will take completion rates from under 20% to in excess of 80%.

Together, we have an opportunity to launch a groundbreaking initiative that will help patients better transition from the hospital to normal life, safely increase their activity, and reduce mortality rates––all while enjoying an at-home rehab experience.

The results will be transformative: stronger hearts, improved health, and better outcomes for the long term.

ROMTech®: An At-Home, Clinician-Controlled Therapy Company

A massive megatrend is shifting healthcare into the home, and ROMTech is leading the way with solutions that connect patients to clinicians.

Our product, the PortableConnect®, is one of the most proven telemedicine products in the healthcare industry, providing at-home, diagnostic-based rehabilitation, backed by tens of thousands of success stories.

The ROMTech PortableConnect – a proven, at-home rehab platform:

• 15,000 successful rehabs • 100,000 exercise sessions • 30,000 telehealth sessions

ROMTech Home-Based Cardiac Rehab System

The ROMTech System is thoughtfully integrated to fulfill the needs of the cardiac patient and clinician, as well as payers.

Our proprietary ROMTime™ telemedicine technology, along with customized cardiac software and Bluetooth sensors, connect patients
with caregivers remotely and deliver key biometrics streamed to the observer’s dashboard in real time, allowing for continuous monitoring.

This gives the cardiac patient a safely supervised, enjoyable, at-home rehab experience, improving the likelihood of compliance.

Safe, supervised, at-home, cardiac rehab:

  • Wearable, Bluetooth sensors
  • Remote observer controls the exercise
  • Continuous ECG, BP, SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring
  • Real-time, on-screen data streaming for the observer
  • Constant visual and audio communication
  • Personalized rehab protocols
  • Individualized alarm settings to alert the observer
  • Proprietary educational content

What you can expect when prescribing the ROMTech Home-Based Cardiac Rehab System:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Highly satisfied patients
  • Higher program completion rates
  • Reduction in the incidence of recurrent, major, adverse cardiac events
  • Proven telehealth platform
  • Reproducible results
  • Physician-prescribed exercise
  • HIPAA-compliant portal for patient / observer interaction
  • Qualified, knowledgeable observers (UPMC staff)
  • Patient / observer rapport vital to compliance and behavioral change
  • Each observer able to monitor five patients simultaneously
  • Psychosocial evaluations
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Medicare requirements fulfilled for Tele-cardiac Rehabilitation reimbursement